AFM: First look at James Wan produced horror ‘Demonic’




Tons of stuff is coming out of the American Film Market, and Bloody Disgusting have just revealed some cool new images for a must-see upcoming horror. Originally titled House of Horror, the James Wan produced Demonic has revealed its first images at the festival, and thanks to BD we can share them with you below.

Demonic is directed by Will Canon (Brotherhood) and written and produced by James Wan. The cast includes Maria Bello, Frank Grillo, Cody Horn, Scott Mechlowicz, Aaron Yoo, Megan Park and Dustin Milligan.


From producer James Wan (Saw, Insidious) and starring Golden Globe nominee Maria Bello (A History of Violence), Frank Grillo (End of Watch, The Grey), and Dustin Milligan (Slither, TV’s “90210”), comes a startling new film that combines found footage with classic genre filmmaking to take you behind the scenes into a modern day murder investigation with evil ties to a crime that is decades old.

Local legend holds that an old abandoned house in the bowels of Louisiana is haunted–and for good reason. Decades ago a girl invited her friends over for an innocent séance. But something horrific happened in that house that nobody can explain. Nobody knows what happened that left four friends murdered and one dead by her own doing.

Now, years have passed; the house has been abandoned, boarded up, and left to rot. But a group of amateur ghost hunters set out one night to document the house for supernatural remnants lingering from years past. They round up their gear and set out together for an evening of paranormal documentation.

Hours later, police receive a possible homicide call and arrive at the house to a grisly scene: the ghost hunters murdered in cold blood. The only survivor is visibly and emotionally shaken, unable to convey what he’s witnessed. The police interview him for his testimony, but he cannot remember a thing. It is only when the unit’s psychologist shows up and pries with the right questions that it all starts coming back… with terrifying results!








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