Hammer reveal details on their ‘Abominable Snowman’ remake, plus Ben Wheatley offered ‘Captain Kronos’




Hammer CEO Simon Oakes, and producer Ben Holden, have spoken with Empire regarding their Abominable Snowman remake. The pair have revealed plans for the modern take on the 1957 classic, and also mention their desire to have Ben Wheatley (Kill List, Sightseers, A Field in England) direct a revival of Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter.

Firstly, the Abominable Snowman update, and the modernization of the film will certainly not be a like for like remake:

We’re not remaking the Val Guest film,” says Holden. “We’re starting again from scratch, but the conversation began because that creature or that myth is part of the Hammer library or lexicon, and we wanted to develop something around it.”

Our version of The Abominable Snowman will have something of the uncanny about it,” continues Oakes, “and it’ll have the mythology and all the big [original writer] Nigel Kneale ideas of man and beast and nature. It won’t be heavily special effects-driven. It’ll align itself with the characters and the threat.

Here are the details we shared last week regarding the new version of The Abominable Snowman:

Exclusive Media-owned Hammer will develop a new version of the monster movie in association with Ben Holden, producer of the 2012 adaptation of The Woman in Black and its upcoming sequel.

In the new take on the Yeti myth, a scientific expedition’s illegal ascent up a peak of one of the World’s most formidable mountains accidentally awakens an ancient creature that could spell certain death for them all.

The original screenplay by Matthew Read (Pusher, Hammer of the Gods) and Jon Croker (The Woman In Black: Angel of Death, Desert Dancer) will put a modern twist on the original, which starred Forrest Tucker and Peter Cushing on a fateful expedition to the Himalaya.

Simon Oakes, pesident and CEO of Hammer and vice-chairman of Exclusive Media, said: “The success of Let Me In and The Woman In Black has shown that there is an appetite for quality horror films so it is exciting to draw on Hammer’s unparalleled source material in this genre which can be reimagined and updated for a new audience”.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter:

While talking with Empire, Oakes spoke of how he has given Ben Wheatley an open invitation to direct a new take of the Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter story:

The thing about Kronos is that it’s one of those things where we need to find a way in,” Oakes explains. “Brian Clemens wrote the first one saying he wanted to bring a modern take to the idea of the vampire hunter, and yet Kronos still wears tights! But the ambition and imagination at work in that film were what people responded to. People at Comic-Con always ask if we’re doing a new one, and I always say, ‘Yeah, we’re doing Kronos!’ and the blogosphere goes wild. So if we can find the right writer to reimagine it, then that’s what we’ll do. I’ve offered it to Ben Wheatley!” Oakes reveals. “I’ve told him Kronos is his whenever he wants it. You can put that in print! That might get him off his arse! [laughs] I’m a huge fan of Ben’s. I told him, ‘Whenever you want Kronos, it’s yours, mate. Just get back to me.’ And he never got back to me! So we’ll shame him in print into doing it now!

Naturally, we will have more on this as it develops.

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