Jessica Lange to leave American Horror Story after Season 4


Jessica Lange has been a core element to the horror anthology, American Horror Story, appearing in all the seasons from the offset. News in today is that Lange will leave the show after season 4, with co-creator Ryan Murphy saying that she won’t play the lead role in the new season but “she’ll have this great juicy part.”

Lange said this on her decision to exit from the show:

It ends up being a lot of time during the year being committed to something. I haven’t done that for a long time. It’s like doing a stage play between the rehearsal and the run. This is a 6-month commitment every year. That will be four years in a row. I want to have more time to myself I guess. Once it’s over and I have a full year ahead of me with nothing to do, who knows? It might not have been the best decision. But I think four years doing something is a sufficient amount of time.”

Murphy has stated that he will make sure Lange’s character in season 4 will send her off with a bang and the next season will be based in less contemporary times, possibly remaining in New Orleans or a move to Santa Fe.

Lange has played a proud Virginian over-protective mother in Season 1, a Catholic nun obsessed with sin in Season 2, and is currently the baddest witch in town and resident Supreme of her coven in Season 3.

It will be incredibly sad to see Lange leave the show as she has been such a pivotal icon in the development of the American Horror Franchise, and has shown such versatility in the different roles she has played.

(Source: EW)

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