New set images for Billy Bob Thornton’s new survival horror, Endangered


A blog over at Tink has revealed some set images for actor Billy Bob Thornton’s new survival horror, Endangered (originally Red Machine). Check them out below.

The film is about a group of men being relentlessly hunted by a vicious Grizzly Bear, and sounds awesome! James Marsden and Scott Glenn also star and is directed by David Hackl (Saw V).

The site gives a little background to the images: “The mountains of coastal British Columbia stand in for Alaska as they trek through forests and difficult terrain to a final showdown.

Tink sourced many forested areas that provided a strong graphic image for the screen as well as a visual arc to the progress of their trek. From the outset, there was a possibility of the film being converted to 3D, so he was sure to provide a few interesting fields of depth in dressing and existing elements for each set and location.

The main set in the film was the old Trapper’s cabin, which appears in the dramatic opening and is revisited again later in the story. Tink designed it to look authentic to being an actual trapper’s cabin that has been nestled in the giant fir trees for 70+ years.

It’s a fully realized structure which could be shot from any angle inside or out and featured wild wall sections along each side as well as easily removable windows. The Construction and Paint departments brought the “age” and “history” of this cabin to life, which is evident in the following photos. The Set Dec team then did their magic, with the overall effect being completely authentic – even to unaware passersby as they happened upon the set.”

The film is currently in post production.

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