New trailer for horror All Cheerleaders Die


A sales trailer premiere of the Lucky McKee (The Woman, May) and The Lost director Chris Sivertson’s new horror, All Cheerleaders Die. Check it out below. 

Lucky McKee is well known to the horror genre, with the disturbing May (2002), The Woods (2006), The Masters of Horror short Sick Girl and last years astonishing The Woman. New that he is getting set to begin work on a new horror should be met with excitement and open arms by horror fans.

The film is based on a video project McKee and Siverston made back in 2001 of the same name. They made the film as a celebration for graduating USC Film School, and now they plan to make a bigger better version.

Produced by Moderncine, the slasher has already begin casting with Caitlin Stasey (Tomorrow When the War Began, I Frankenstien) and Sianoa Smit-McPhee (Hung) taking the lead roles.

No news on a release date yet.


Maddy Killian is a 17 year old rebel at Blackfoot High School on a mission to take down the captain of the football team. She rallies a group of cheerleaders around her cause, but after a tragic turn of events, the girls are thrust into a supernatural battle that culminates in a mayhem-filled night they will never forget.

(Source: AICN)

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