Nudge Nudge, Monty Python team returning for stage show next year!!!




And now for something, completely different! In some truly excellent news, it sounds like the remaining five Monty Python’s will be returning to the stage next year!

John Cleese, 74, Terry Gilliam, 72, Terry Jones, 71, Eric Idle, 70, and Michael Palin, 70 – are set to re-form for a stage show, the details of which are due to be revealed on Thursday.

The Python’s are set to take the stage this Thursday at the Playhouse Theatre in London, where Spamalot is currently showing, to make the official announcement of their plans for next year. For those who have never seen the superb theatre show of Spamalot, may I suggest that you do. It is hilarious, and the most fun I think I have ever had at the theatre. Taking to the stage at one of these shows, which proudly “lovingly rips off” the Python’s classic comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail, is the perfect place for the Pythons to make the announcement.

“Monty Python is set to be a flying circus all over again”, John Cleese posted on Twitter, and no doubt this news will delight fans of the comedy genius team.

Keeping with their sense of humour, Terry Jones confirmed the news, and said it would help him pay his bills: “We’re getting together and putting on a show – it’s real,” he told the BBC. “I’m quite excited about it. I hope it makes us a lot of money. I hope to be able to pay off my mortgage!”

Eric Idle, who wrote the play Spamalot, also happily announced the news, stating on Twitter:  “Python meeting this morning. Can’t wait. Press Conference Thursday will apparently be live on Sky News. I’ll get you the online URL.”

The last times the Pythons were on stage together was at the Aspen Comedy Festival in 1998. Cleese has said many times that it is impossible for the team to be in the same room together, but thankfully the success of Spamalot, and time, has allowed the Pythons to re-form once more.

The last time the Pythons worked together in a studio was on The Meaning of Life, which was released in 1983, and sadly six years later in 1989, Graham Chapman “selfishly” died.

Since breaking up, all the remaining Pythons have gone on to very successful careers:  Palin made a series of ground-breaking travel documentaries, Cleese starred in films and Fawlty Towers, Jones co-wrote the hit fantasy film Labyrinth and the comedy series Ripping Yarns, and Gilliam became a Hollywood film director. Idle went into acting, before writing Spamalot, which premiered in 2004 to massive acclaim.

Expect the full details of the momentous event later this week!

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