‘Seed 2: The New Breed’ reveals first trailer, poster, new images and interview with makeup artist




Uwe Boll serves as producer on the sequel to his own gruesome horror, Seed, and the first trailer for Seed 2: The New Breed has just landed. However, that’s not all: we also have a couple of new rather nasty images, the official poster plus the official synopsis, and this all comes from the American Film Market.

As if all that is not good enough, we also have an interview with the films makeup artist Ryan Nicholson, which was posted to Youtube over the weekend.

Now, the trailer has a sort of Hills Have Eyes vibe going on, and it is actually rather good, and the film looks a big improvement on the overly sick original. I like the new setting, but what I don’t like is the constant jittery camera jumps and sounds that dominate the trailer. It actually takes away the tension rather than enhance it, but hey, its just a trailer, and so far Seed 2 is looking alright.

Seed 2: The New Breed is directed by Marcel Walz, and Uwe Boll produces. The cast includes Natalie Scheetz (Madison County), Christa Campbell (Drive Angry 3D), Caroline Williams (Hatchet III), Annika Strauss (Candy House), Nick Principe (Laid to Rest), and Micaela Schaefer.


A family slays together.

Coming back from her bachelorette party in Las Vegas, Christine (Scheetz) and her friends Olivia (Campbell), Barbara (Sarah Hayden), and Claire (Strauss) are driving through the hot desert of Nevada. But they are not alone… Serial killer Max Seed is back, and he brought the whole family!











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