Seen ‘Gravity’? Then check out this short, which shows the other side of Sandra Bullock’s distress call




Intended to be released as an extra on the Gravity Blu-ray release, Alfonso Cuaron’s Son, Jonas, has directed a short film called Aningaaq.  The seven minute feature looks at what happened on the other side of Sandra Bullock’s distress call.

In the film, you will remember the superb performance by Bullock as Dr Ryan Stone, and the harrowing distress call to Earth where she finally speaks to someone. Unfortunately that person does not speak English, and seems to ramble, mess about with his dog and allow his baby to cry into the radio. It is a confusing, but light relief for Bullock who has literally been through Hell.

Now, the short film, which will be entered into the Best Live Action Short category at next years Oscar’s, shows the man on the other side of the radio. It provides a stark contrast between Stone’s predicament in space, and the situation on the other end of the radio. Shot for $100,000, the short was filmed in Greenland with a ten man crew, and stars  Greenlander Orto Ignatiussen.

“It’s this moment where the audience and the character get this hope that [Stone] is finally going to be OK,” Jonás Cuarón told The Hollywood Reporter. “Then you realise that everything gets lost in translation.”


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