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More bad news has been reported by The Wrap, as Stephen King’s The Stand adaptation once again is looking for a new director. Harry Potter director David Yates was the first to try and adapt the story into a new movie, and he bailed after admitting he couldn’t figure out how to turn the book into a satisfying film. Then Ben Affleck came onboard, and he too admitted defeat and pulled out.

So far, the only adaptation is the monstrous mad for TV movie from 1994. However, more recently Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace director Scott Cooper came along to try and direct the adaptation, and here is where things get strange. Just a few days ago he spoke with MTV about his plans for the adaptation, and some of the troubles he has been having. Then, just days after revealing his plans, he has pulled out citing “creative differences” between him and Warner Brothers.

However, since this is the fist news of The Stand we have had for a while, let’s see what Cooper actually had planned, shall we?

“It’s a daunting challenge to take a very long and beloved novel and try to condense that to one standalone film.  Some of the stuff I’ve written is harrowing and searingly realistic and very grounded.  Mr. King has been very gracious, is a fan of Crazy Heart and was very happy that I am adapting it, and it’s a process”, Cooper told MTV.

Now, making the film into just one movie may not be part of Warners plans, as reports are saying they are hoping for a two part movie (and why not, the book is huge!). Cooper also revealed that he wanted to shoot exclusively on location, and avoid using movie sets. An expensive idea, but something which he holds dear to his style of filmmaking:

“There’s a reason that film hasn’t been made, because it’s the themes and the scope and the size, and of course my approach—much like with Out of the Furnace—is searingly realistic, and that can be a very expensive endeavor but one that perhaps maybe doesn’t marry with how a movie like that should be shot, just because of the sheer expense.”

Cooper was also asked about his star of Out of the Furnace, Christian Bale, and Cooper hinted at Bale possibly appearing in The Stand:

“Well Christian’s a part of everything that I’m writing, and I tend to share things with Christian in the infancy stage that I don’t share with other people.  He’s become not only one of my closest friends but a great collaborator and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Christian and me teaming up on many things.”

Sadly, this is as far as it goes, for Cooper is now off the project, and Warners will be looking for a new director to hopefully take over, and get The Stand completed.

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