The Texas Chainsaw Massacre documentary ‘Summer of Saw’ is on its way!




One of the most influential and best horror films of all time, Tobe Hooper’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, is about to get a new documentary. Joshua Allan Vargas is currently in pre-production on Summer of Saw, a documentary which will focus on Marilyn Burns, who played Sally Hardesty i the classic film, and it will look at her experiences before, during and after being in such a legendary horror film.

Burns will also produce, along with Jason Poh, Joshua Allan Vargas, and Parrish Randall. Vargas is writing and directing. Here is what those involved have said about the exciting project:

It was an adventure during that summer of 1973 that I never dreamed we’d still be talking about some 40 years later,” said Burns. “But it is an experience I am thankful for and it’s one that I want to share more of with the fans of the film… and in greater detail. This biopic with Josh and Parrish allows me to do that. It’s my story… and my gift to say thank you to the many people who’ve supported the original film all of these years. I think people will be entertained, that’s for sure!

After working for Josh on his disturbing, yet fact based crime thriller biopic based upon Wayne Henley, In A Madman’s World, the topic of discussion came up about possibly telling Marilyn Burns’ story specific to her triumphs, challenges and, as well, her very real reasons for screaming during her summer of playing Sally Hardesty in the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre back in 1973,” says Randall of the project. “Having known Marilyn for a few years now, I knew her story would make for a great and entertaining film that genre fans would enjoy seeing…and I knew that they’d even be shocked by a number of the revelations that the film would bring to the fore…if Marilyn were willing. HBO’s tale of Tippi Hedren’s experiences had just aired and done well amongst genre fans, illustrating that we all love films that reenact those true tales about the making of our favorite horror classics. The screenplay is based on Marilyn’s words, her recollections and her memoirs…so what you’ll see is the reality of her experiences during and after the classic horror film’s making. There were triumphs and there were adversities… but it’s all true… and her story is definitely it’s own movie!

I think its an interesting movie to do because we get to explore how these young filmmakers in the 70?s inadvertently made film history with what they thought to be a seedy little horror movie that would never play more than a few drive-ins,” mused director Vargas. “Its got the whole “Rocky” factor going for it. Its not gonna be a quirky fanboy love-letter. Its gonna be a gritty-yet-highly-inspirational docudrama that shows just what these people went through to get that film to the audience.

The film is expected to begin shooting next August.

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