Baffling first clip from After Dark Originals new horror ‘Ritual’




The first clip from After Dark Originals’ new horror, Ritual, has arrived on-line, and you can view it below. Directed by Mickey Keating, in all honesty the clip makes very little sense, and while the man is talking to a clearly distressed girl through a door, it is near impossible to make out what she is saying.

All I can really gather from this is that bad things are happening, but not much else. Check out the clip, and much more satisfying trailer below.

RITUAL marks the first feature debut for director and writer by Mickey Keating, starring Lisa Marie Summerscales (Water for Elephants), Dean Cates (You, Only Better), and Derek Phillips (42, “Friday Night Lights”).

“There is a stark and lonely reality to these characters that makes the film so terrifying. We are excited to add this to our line-up.” – Stephanie Caleb.

“Ritual is a love letter to pulpy 1970s horror films like Race With the Devil, Punishment Park, and Hardcore. I’ve loved the works of After Dark Films since their first Horrorfest broke onto the scene, and I couldn’t be more excited that my movie found a home with them.” – Mickey Keating, Director.

A long time ago Tom loved Lovely. They were married and everything was perfect, at least for a little while. But that was then and this is now. Lovely has just killed a man in cold blood after he tried to drug and kidnap her in a motel. She calls Tom to help, but now they’ve found a VHS tape that depicts a satanic ritual in which a woman is murdered. Lovely desperately wants to leave and they do, but Tom forgot his engraved lighter in the room, and when they go back to find it, the dead body appears to be missing.

You can view available trailers and learn more about this year’s lineup by visiting the After Dark Originals website.




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