Ben Affleck talks ‘Batman vs Superman’ and addresses the haters, plus Doomsday as villain?




While many fans are outraged at Ben Affleck being cast as Bruce Wayne/ Batman in Zack Snyder’s upcoming Batman vs Superman, I for one am excited for the fella. Yes has made some poor decisions over the years (Gigli, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes), and yes he totally ruined Daredevil, but the actor and director has come back fighting, and of late has been unstoppable.

Directing films like Gone Baby, Gone, Argo and The Town, and acting his socks off in Argo and The Town, I found a new respect for Affleck, and while you can never really replace Christian Bale as Batman, Affleck is going to make a great Batman on his own merits.

In recent interviews with Playboy and EW, Affleck addressed the haters, and also spoke a little about what we can look forward to with Snyder’s new film.

Speaking with Playboy, he spoke of the Internet backlash when he was announced as the new Batman:

…the actor says he expected it and realized part of it had to do with him ruining (at least in the fans eyes) theDaredevil character. Affleck even admitted that “Daredevil” the film was his one big film regret. “The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil. It just kills me. I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got fucked up the way it did stays with me. Maybe that’s part of the motivation to do Batman.”

And speaking of his motivation to do Batman, when Warners first approached him he was not interested. It was Snyder who persuaded him:

“When they asked if I would be Batman, I told them I don’t see myself in the role and I was going to have to beg off,” he said, but then admitted speaking with Snyder and co-writer David S. Goyer changed his mind. “They said I’d fit well into how they were going to approach the character and asked me to look at what the writer-director, Zack Snyder, was doing. The stuff was incredible.”

What changed his mind? “It was a unique take on Batman that was still consistent with the mythology,” Affleck said. “It made me excited. All of a sudden I had a reading of the character. When people see it, it will make more sense than it does now or even than it did to me initially.”

He also explained how he was in no way wanting to compare to Bale’s stunning portrayal of Bruce Wayne, and that what Snyder and co have come up with is something that is slightly different to Christopher Nolan’s awesome trilogy:

“I don’t want to give away too much, but the idea for the new Batman is to redefine him in a way that doesn’t compete with Bale and Christopher Nolan’s Batman but still exists within the Batman canon,” he said. “It will be an older and wiser version, particularly as he relates to Henry Cavill’s Superman character.”

When talking at length with EW, Affleck again was asked about the reaction to him being cast as Batman, and again he held his head up high and explained:

“I mean, that’s the sort of great and terrible thing about this business. Each project is kind of in its own silo, you know what I mean? You do something, it works, people say it works. And if the next one doesn’t, you know, it doesn’t. You don’t get to start ahead because you did well last time. Without getting into the vagaries of the internet and who’s sort of out there being vocal about it, at the end of the day, when you get into the arena of those kinds of movies, these superhero movies, particularly ones that are working with characters that everyone’s known for so long, everybody’s got these strongly held opinions and preconceived ideas about what it should be. I totally understand and recognize that.

At the same time, I don’t think projections about something that hasn’t happened yet are all that meaningful. I think at the end of the day, it’s like any other movie or project: You go out and make it great, people will say it’s great. If you go out and miss, you’ll hear about it. The stuff beforehand is kind of just the noise that happens.”

He was then asked to explain what it was like wearing the new Batsuit, and the professional Affleck gave an non-answer that doesn’t give anything away:

“Well, I don’t want to get too far afield and I’m sure I’ll have time to talk about Batman down the road. What I’ll say is that I really like Zack (Snyder). From what I’ve seen of what’s Zack is doing, it’s made me very excited. One of the nice things about being an actor in that movie is they show you all the stuff before anyone else gets to see it. So all the sort of world-creation, and the take on the character and the other characters is really exciting. And at the end of the day, the truth is it’s really directors that make movies work or not — especially these kinds of movies, where it’s about the whole world, and a rising tide lifts all ships. And if it all has integrity, if it all has a sense of realism, then it works. And if it doesn’t, than it doesn’t really matter what everyone’s doing [on the screen] because they just look like a bunch of Mexican wrestlers in suits.”

Now, while Affleck was very savvy with his answers, Warner Brothers producer Daniel Alter, who is in no way connected to Batman vs Superman, has given his two pence worth as to who we can expect to see in the new film.

He claims that the Wonder Woman and Nightwing rumours are true, and that they will indeed be appearing in Snyder’s film. He also claims that Doomsday, one of Superman’s biggest enemies, will feature as the villain in the film.

Take what he says with a pinch of salt, and Alter himself even took to Twitter to clarify  “For the recored/to the uninformed: I am not speaking as a representative/involved in #BatmanvsSuperman. Just a fan/in the biz/hear things…” 

Batman vs Superman arrives in cinemas July 17th 2015.

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