Disney will crack Indiana Jones’ whip as company strikes deal for rights to all future Indiana Jones movies




Disney continue their plans for world domination as they have struck a deal with Paramount, for all future Indiana Jones films. The deal was made yesterday, and means that Disney now have the ability to make future Indiana Jones movies at will.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm last year, and got the rights to all future Star Wars films (which Disney have jumped all over in a big way!), there was just one hurdle they needed to overcome with Lucasfilm, and that was the rights to future Indiana Jones films. Now Disney and Paramount have come to an agreement, and while Paramount still owns distribution rights to the first four Indiana Jones films, Disney now have free reign to do what they please with future movies.

Disney now have marketing and distribution rights to all future Indiana Jones films, but have kept Paramount sweet by offering them a cut of all profits made from any further films (they made a similar deal with Marvel).

While a fifth Indiana Jones film has not been confirmed yet, as we saw with the quick news on Star Wars: Episode VII, Disney move fast. If Disney were so keen to make a deal with Paramount for Indiana Jones, it can only mean one thing: Disney have big plans for the franchise.

There are no details on what the future holds for Indy, but the fourth film in the series, Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, was considered the weakest in the series. Personally I didn’t think much of it: Indy looked old, Shia LaBeouf was a tad annoying, the jokes didn’t always work and the stupid sci-fi ending was ridiculous.

However, while Harrison Ford is now in his seventies and was looking slightly aged in the last film, I couldn’t imagine a Indiana Jones films without him. Ford has expressed a big interest in returning to the franchise, stating recently that he would return for Indiana Jones 5 “in a New York minute”.

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