Horror trailers:Creature features ‘Raiders of the Lost Shark’& ‘Feed the Gods’ + werewolf flick ‘Hunger Unholy’




We have three short but sweet horror trailers and posters to share with you right here, right now, so get watching!

Raiders of the Lost Shark:

Hardly anything is known about this apart from the fact it is directed by Brett Kelly, and the cast includes  Scott McClelland, Jessica Silver, and Faith Rayah. Word has it that Wild Eye Releasing have plans to release the film next year.

Clearly Raiders of the Lost Shark is intended as a classic B-movie comedy, much like films Sharknado, Sand Sharks, Snow Sharks and all the rest of ’em. If its your thing, then click on the painfully short first look teaser next!






Feed the Gods:

Next up is a Bigfoot themed horror film called Feed the Gods. The impressive trailer begins a little cheesy, but give it a few seconds and it soon changes tactics and becomes a very intriguing little trailer for a very cool looking film.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to get involved with the sure to be cult favourite film.

Braden Croft directed the film which is shot, has distribution in the US, and will be distributed around the globe.


After the death of their foster mother, brothers Will and Kris inherit a box  that offers clues about their long lost parents.  Reluctantly, Kris agrees to join Will on a search for answers. Their quest leads them to the creepy little town of Tendale where everyone is fixated on a Bigfoot-like creature. Soon the town’s insidious past emerges and the boys find exactly what they’re looking for…

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Hunger Unholy:

A finally, and continuing with the monster theme, comes the trailer for werewolf horror Hunger Unholy. Like Feed the Gods, this trailer also gets better as it moves along, and there is definitely plenty to look forward to with this one.

The film was written and directed by Nicholas Holland. Laura Kriss, JT Taylor, Nate Burud, Nicholas Holland, Lillian Lamour, and Jordan Kantola star.


After the funeral of her boyfriend Gabe’s parents, Kelly heads up north to the family cabin with him and a few of their friends as he prepares to sell it. Things quickly begin to spiral out of control though when their friends begin to disappear one by one with the rising of the full moon.




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