As well as talking about what is happening with Star Wars, Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn also said a few words about the other great Lucas-derived [though of course he shares the credit with Steven Spielbert for this one] franchise that they have just bought [obviously Star Wars wasn’t enough]. He said that the studio is yet to finalise plans for what the fifth instalment in the adventures of Indiana Jones. “We haven’t done anything. We don’t have a story. We need a story.” He added that it did not make sense for Disney to move ahead on the project until it had finalised its purchase of the marketing and distribution rights to the franchise from Paramount Pictures. That deal was completed earlier in December.

My personal view on this is that they shouldn’t take too long. They took forever with the last Indiana Jones movie and look how that turned out. In the meantime, Raiders of the Lost Ark returns for a special IMAX run on September 21 next year.

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