The mighty Bill Oberst Jr joins the cast of new horror ‘Werewolf Rises’




Bill Oberst Jr is a true legend in the world of horror, and it seems like the popular actor never takes a holiday. Once one film is complete, another one gets announced before the one before the completed film has even been released. Oberst Jr’s dedication to the horror genre is remarkable, and it gives me great pleasure to announce the actors next film.

Oberst Jr, star of such great horrors as the recent superb headfuck Coyote, and other greats such as Resolution, Nude Nuns With Big Guns and Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies, is now set to appear in a werewolf horror, and I cannot wait to see it!

The Press Release:

Bill Oberst, Jr., has joined the cast of Ruthless Pictures’ Werewolf Rises. The film, written and directed by BC Furtney, tells the story of Emma, a small town girl who returns to her childhood home deep in the Arkansas mountains only to encounter a sinister underworld that most never knew existed, one populated by bloodthirsty werewolves.

Of his role in the film, Oberst says, “Since the days of Forrest J Ackerman’s Famous Monsters, I’ve longed to play classic monster roles like Chaney’s Wolf Man and Karloff’s Monster. With Werewolf Rises, Jesse Baget and BC Furtney are giving me a chance to check one of those off my list. This is my second project with Jesse Baget’s Ruthless Pictures, after The Black Water Vampire, and I can tell you that this guy is growing to be a formidable force in the horror genre. I’m a fan of this script and am grateful for this role.”

“During the scriptwriting process for Werewolf Rises,” Furtney recounts, “I was lucky to see an early cut of Ruthless Pictures’ Black Water Vampire, and without giving anything away, one actor in particular jumped off the screen in one of the most memorable turns I’ve seen. I must’ve had my head in the sand because I wasn’t familiar with him, didn’t know about the “King of Indie Horror” thing. It was Bill Oberst, Jr. Not long after that, Jesse Baget asked me, ‘Do you have anything for Bill?’ He didn’t need to ask twice.”

“Bill is without a doubt one of the most talented actors working today,” producer Jesse Baget says. “Both on and off screen he’s an absolute joy to work with. I can’t wait to see what he does in this role.”

Melissa Carnell (Boggy Creek, Humans Versus Zombies) also joins the cast. “As for Werewolf’s main character, Emma, I’d had a pretty specific visual in mind while writing,” Furtney says. “As we began bouncing around casting ideas, I just wasn’t seeing it – until Melissa Carnell’s name came up and a light bulb went off. The character of Emma is a unique balancing act, and Melissa’s the virtual embodiment of her. I can’t wait to get on set and watch her bring it to life.”

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