8Ball Go Retro With Original Inspired RoboCop T-Shirts


With the release of the new RoboCop film just around the corner (14th February) 8Ball thought they’d share some of their top RoboCop tees to help get you in the mood and bring back some memories of the classic action movie.

RoboCop T-Shirt – All Over
RoboCop T-Shirt - All Over
This t-shirt is a 100% licensed product and features a large all over print of RoboCop with the RoboCop logo in the corner. After remembering his past life as Alex Murphy and his death at the hands of Boddicker, RoboCop then embarks on a personal quest for vengeance hunting down and killing Boddicker’s gang, resulting in their arrest.
Price £17.99

RoboCop T-Shirt – Solar
RoboCop T-Shirt - Solar
This t-shirt is a 100% licensed product and features Robocop’s head with a solar style backdrop and the original retro RoboCop font. The tee has an overall distressed print. After officer Alex Murphy’s death, parts of his body including his face were used to make the prototype RoboCop. Dick Jones was originally developing a fully robotic unit called Ed-209 with plans to secure a long term contract with the military, but after a malfunction during a demonstration Ed-209 kills an executive giving executive Robert Morton justified reason to go over Jones head and pitch his “RoboCop program” directly to OCP’s CEO.
Price £17.99

RoboCop T-Shirt – Uphold The Law
RoboCop T-Shirt - Uphold The Law
This tee features a night vision style graphic as seen through the eyes of RoboCop himself with the original movie title font at the top. RoboCops prime objectives arehese are listed at the bottom of the t-shirt, serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law, these are listed at the bottom of the t-shirt. The t-shirt is a 100% licensed product.
Price £17.99

RoboCop Women’s T-Shirt – Drop It
RoboCop Women's T-Shirt - Drop It
This original RoboCop graphic women’s tee is printed in a one-colour graffiti style design, with the RoboCop font at the top. Police Officer Alex Murphy was top of his class at the academy with a fierce sense of duty before his brutal murder by Boddicker and his vicious gang. Recognizing that human law enforcers are insufficient to stop the crime spree in “Old Detroit” OCP runs several programs to find robotic replacements. Alex Murphy becomes Robocop and his motto is to uphold the law. I just remember Ed-209 frying his circuits. This tee is a 100% Licensed Product.
Price £17.99

Fancy Dress tshirt – Robocop
Fancy Dress tshirt - Robotcop
This Robocop costume t shirt features a shiny metallic silver foil print of Robocop’s chestplate, which transforms you into O.C.P’s law enforcement android ready for any fancy dress party. This 100% cotton Robocop costume T-shirt is an 8Ball original and not an officially licensed product.
Price Was £15.99 Now £12.79

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