A scientific discovery reeks in this clip from creature feature ‘Blood Glacier’



A new clip has arrived for the creature feature Blood Glacier, and you will find the clip below. It features scientists making a rather shocking discovery, and has some funny dialogue to soften the horrors that come with it.

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Splicing its way onto DVD this winter, comes the blood chilling creature feature – BLOOD GLACIER. Formerly known as ‘The Station’, the latest thriller from Marvin Kren (Rammstock), Blood Glacier is the body horror we have been waiting for since John Carpenter’s The Thing. If you have ever wondered what might happen when you cross a fox with a beetle, then this might just be the film for you…

Working in a remote outpost of the German Alps, technician Janek and a cohort of scientists are stunned to discover a bleeding blood glacier parked high up in the mountain range. As the gory infected berg melts the blood, attracts the local wildlife only to transform them into hellish hybrids and monstrous mutations. As this fusion of nightmarish creatures evolves in the life-giving mountain air, a second group including Janek’s ex-girlfriend advance towards the base in what will become a showdown of humans vs. nature upended into giant wood lice, beetle-foxes, crossbreed flying predators and much, much worse.

Imagine every creature that makes you shiver fused into one and meet your ultimate fears up at… Blood Glacier!

Blood Glacier comes to DVD on 20th January 2014 from StudioCanal.

With giant insects and crazed cross breeds galore, what’s not to get excited about in this perfect hybrid of horror and science gone wrong.



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