‘American Mary’ Actress Tristan Risk Signs up For Lead Role in Todd E. Freeman’s LOVE SICK


Polluted Pictures have announced that Tristan Risk (Betty Boop fan Beatress in American Mary) has signed on as the lead role of Rebecca in their feature film production, Love Sick.

Love Sick is the story of Rebecca and Marcus who “have been together for 10 years and after much deliberation have decided to part ways. After separating and being with others, they quickly realize how hard it is to disconnect from one another. The pain, lies, and betrayal all begin to manifest physically within the both of them as well as infect the others who have become involved with intimately. They love each other so much that it hurts… some more than others.”

Risk says, “After watching the proof of concept piece (M is for Marriage) and reading the feature script, I became really excited. I love a good slasher horror but Love Sick is different: It has the ability to haunt you well after you’ve seen it. It leaves you questioning your own relationships, makes you wonder how well you know those closest to you, and what horrors lay just beneath the surface.”

“I saw her other worldly performance in American Mary and thought immediately that I had to work with her on Love Sick,” says Writer / Director Todd Freeman. “While talking with her about the script and the character of Rebecca, it became even more obvious that it was a perfect marriage of actor to material. I saw the character of Rebecca on the (Skype) screen for the first time and, quite honestly, it was electric. I can’t wait for people to see her dissolve into this role. It’s a goopy mess of a movie and Tristan is front and center for the entire run time. Genre fans have a lot to look forward to.”

Polluted Pictures completed a proof of concept piece showing a 3 minute peek into the world of Love Sick with the short film “M is for Marriage,” which will also be included in the upcoming ABC’s of Death 1.5 anthology film released by Drafthouse Films.

The film is currently completing development, including further casting, and moving toward production in the late spring. Love Sick is Produced by The Bros. Freeman, Lara Cuddy, Todd Robinson, and Christian Burgess, and is written and directed by Todd E. Freeman.

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