‘Ant-Man’ moves in for the kill and takes ‘Batman vs Superman’s’ release date




Marvel have seen an opportunity and taken it as they have brought the release date of Edgar Wright’s Ant-man forward, by two weeks. It was recently announced that Warner Bros. have pushed back the release of Zack Snyder’s Batman vs Superman from July 17th 2015 to May 6th 2016, almost an entire year later!

Marvel stepped in and took the July 17th 2015 date for their upcoming Ant-Man adaptation, and this now puts the highly anticipated superhero film up against Warner Brothers’ untitled Peter Pan movie, which is directed by Joe Wright.

In other Ant-Man news, late last year it was confirmed that Paul Rudd would be playing Hank Pym/ Ant-Man, and more recently it has been confirmed that Michael Douglas will play the original Hank Pym. Michael Pena (End of Watch) and Clifton Collins Jr (Pacific Rim) have also been eyed for roles in the film.

Ant-Man is released on July 17th 2015, and will be the next Marvel movie after The Avengers: Age of Ultron. This makes sense as Henry Pym does have connections with Ultron. In the comics, Pym was a founding member of The Avengers along with his girlfriend and crime-fighting partner, Janet Van Dyne, aka Wasp.  Together, they took on a number of bad guys on their own, but played a big part in taking down Pym’s own robotic creation, Ultron, when it developed a taste for rebellion.

Variety also reports on a possible scenario for Wrights film, which is yet to reveal an official synopsis:

In the comics, the character’s alter-ego is Henry Pym, a brilliant scientist who invented a substance that allowed him to change his size and communicate with insects. One scenario that was rumored when Wright first came on is that he would focus on the later years of Ant-Man and add the character Scott Lang, a crook who steals Pym’s technology and becomes the new Ant-Man.

Wright is directing the film, and Joe Cornish has written the script. Ant-Man is due to arrive in cinemas on July 31st 2015.

While no plot details have been revealed for the film, Marvel President Kevin Feige offered up his own words of wisdom back in May:

We’ve talked about various names over the past eight years but as you can imagine they keep changing as time goes by. But towards the end of this year, we’ll buckle down and start casting and start refining the script, which is great and which is very Edgar. He has done a great job being incredibly true to the comics, but is putting his own spin on it. So we’ll be drawing on multiple mythologies for this one.”

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