‘House of Manson’ movie aims to go deeper into Charles Manson’s story than ever before




Notorious killer Charles Manson continues to fascinate people even to this day, and a new biopic that aims to go deeper into his story than ever before, is on the way.

Director Brandon Slagle has just finished making the upcoming creature feature Dead Sea, and I must admit that the film looks pretty damned awesome. Now the director is heading into more realistic territory with his biopic of Manson, and a press release on the official Facebook page has all the details.

The Press Release:

Micro Bay Features is pleased to announce that its newest feature film, House of Manson, a Charles Manson biographical thriller, is now in production.

Brandon Slagle (Dead Sea) is attached to write and direct the bio picture. Award-winning actors Ryan Kiser (Truth or Dare, below) and Devanny Pinn (The Black Dahlia Haunting, below) are set to star as Charles Manson and Susan Atkins.

Principal photography is scheduled to begin in March.


A dark biopic from the annals of American history that focuses on how one man came to charm and manipulate people from all walks of life while on a quest for fame he knew would be his. Going psychologically deeper in Charles Manson’s mind than ever before, this film will showcase new facts and insight to the infamous “family” that brought Hollywood to its knees and ended an era that had been known for peace and love.





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