LATEST TV NEWS: Jack is Back! MAY 5th see’s the return of 24! Plus Further plot details is revealed.

Well its official!
FOX have announced that the long awaited return of Jack Bauer will take place with a double episode on May 5th, which should mean us Brits probably have to wait until May 6th or 7th for it to show up on our screens.
The 12-part run – which will see Kiefer Sutherland reprise the role of Jack Bauer will be set in London and will be called 24: Live Another Day.

Manny Coto, the executive producer had this to say about the plot!

“Jack is still hunted when the show begins. the show will open with that dynamic – a CIA agent hunting Jack where in their minds he’s not quite Osama bin Laden, but he’s a fugitive of high order. Someone to be captured”.
“We will learn Jack has a mission. Whether it’s a good mission, a dark mission… We don’t know.”

Its also been revealed that Chloe (Jack’s only friend since Day 3) will no longer be working for her country having being mentally damaged by what has gone on in the previous day’s.  There are hints that she may be against Jack at the start!

She is damaged over the four years [since the show left off]. She has turned against the government.”
Keifer also had this to say about his friendship with Chloe.
“They’re actually pitted against each other… that is a dynamic that Mary Lynn and I get to play that’s very exciting. It’s always something that’s going to evolve over the course of the show”
24 was the main TV event for years, but it reached its peak with the outstanding Day 5 and never recovered thanks to the horrid Day 6 that was critically mauled by fans.
Day 7 was brilliant, Day 8 was a mix mash of tired plotting but with some stunning twists…….. what could Day 9 bring!…… We have to wait and see!….
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