Olivier Megaton to direct ‘Taken 3’, Liam Neeson returns and Forest Whitaker in talks to join cast



The first Taken film, directed by Pierre Morel in 2008, was a massive success and re-charged Liam Neeson’s career, making him the new go-to tough guy. The sequel, directed by Olivier Megaton, was an even bigger success but of lesser quality.

The first film saw Neeson playing Bryan Mills, a man with a particular set of skills, skills which he used to track down and punish those who abducted his daughter. In the sequel, Mills himself was taken hostage by a vengeful family member of one of the men he killed in the first film.

A third film has been on the cards for some time, and considering the box office success of the sequel, it has been a long time coming. Made on the budget of $25 million, Taken grossed $226 million worldwide, while Taken 2 was made or $45 million, and achieved $376 million. Naturally a third film is coming, and Deadline reports that Olivier Megaton is returning to direct.

Neeson will also reprise his role, as will Maggie Grace as his daughter, and Famke Janssen as his wife. It has also been reported that Forest Whitaker is in talks to join the cast, but his role is not yet known.

The third film is expected to begin production as early as March, and Luc Besson (who produced the first two films) will also return. 20th Century Fox are still negotiating a deal for the film, but it is very likely they will once again be distributing.

There is no confirmation as yet on what the films plot will be. We will keep you posted.


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