Producer Brad Fuller talks ‘Friday the 13th’ sequel and found footage, ‘The Purge 2’ and ‘Ouija’




By now horror fans should all know that a sequel to Marcus Nispel’s 2009 Friday the 13th sequel is on the way, and this week producer Brad Fuller spoke with Crave Online and (kind of) addressed some of the recent rumours.

In case you have been living on another planet, you should already be aware that there are strong indications that the Friday the 13th sequel is heading down the found footage path. Whether these rumours turn out to be true is yet to be confirmed, the only concrete evidence we have is that the film will be released in March 2015, on (naturally) Friday the 13th.

However, producer Brad Fuller was asked about the found footage angle for the new movie, and he didn’t really give an answer. While I am sure there is a game plan, Fuller is giving nothing away, and neither denies or confirms that found footage rumours:

Crave: Is found footage the angle you’re trying to take?

Fuller: It’s something that we’re looking at, yeah. I never know because it depends on the story and what the story is. It’s been reported, that’s something that we’re looking into but I can’t tell you definitively that that’s what the movie is.

Why do you think so many Friday the 13th fans are against the idea of combining it with found footage?

Well, I can understand that. The Purge was a little bit of a found footage movie. We have a movie called Welcome to Yesterday that’s a found footage movie. I’m well acquainted with some very loud members of the audience who hate found footage and I understand that. I think for us it’s more about what the story is and what’s the best way to tell it. Until we figure out exactly what the story is for the next Friday the 13th movie, I can’t tell you what it’s going to be.




Fuller was also asked about the upcoming sequel to last years box office success, The Purge. Now, while his responses CONTAIN SPOILERS for the first film, I am very excited with what Fuller has to say.

See, my issue with The Purge was such a great idea was confined to just one small setting, and I felt I had been cheated out of a much bigger, and more exciting and aggressive film. Seems like I wasn’t the only one with this problem, and the sequel is going to address the issue by being on a much bigger scale:

When The Purge was such a surprise hit, did you have some sequel ideas ready to go or was it a very quick development?

No, we did not. Listen, when you make a movie for $3 million, there is no way that you can expect that anything like what happened to The Purge is going to happen. In this business, it’s so rare to be surprised on the upside like that so we never talked about if there was going to be a sequel. I think if we were really serious and we thought that it was going to be a franchise and we would have multiple versions, we probably wouldn’t have killed Ethan Hawke … So the sequel, obviously Ethan Hawke is not a part of it and I’m hopeful that fans in the audience will feel that the sequel to The Purge delivers on the promise of the original in that we’re not staying in the house. It’s not a home invasion movie. This is you’re out in the streets with people purging and a group of people who get stuck in the middle of it and have to get from point A to point B.

Why is Frank Grillo, who we love, right for that part?

Frank’s character is a grizzled guy who’s on a mission and he’s the strong, silent type who kind of discovers a misfit group of people who he helps out. When you sit down with Frank, he embodies this kind of quiet strength that you believe he can go out into that night and be okay.




And to round off some exciting horror news, Fuller also gave an update on Ouija, a new horror he is producing:

Where is Ouija right now?

Today is day 17 out of 25. We’re shooting it here in Los Angeles. That is a fairly low budgeted movie. It’s in the Purge-ish range. It’s the story that you think it is. It’s the story about a group of kids who take out a Ouija board and start playing a game, and all hell breaks loose.

That’s the thing. A lot of movies have done ouija board stories. What did the movie names Ouija have to bring to it?

In our movie, the ouija board is a communication device. Our kids tap into something horrible and the ouija board is the way that the entity comes in and is going to have to go out.

Is it going to be a PG-13?

Listen, I don’t know until it’s done but our intention right now is for it to be a PG-13 movie, which as you know we don’t frequently make. I’m keeping blood away from the set.

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