Jay Baruchel to star in Child’s Play directors adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘The Ten O’Clock People’



Back in May last year, Chris Evans was in talks to play the lead in Tom Holland’s adaptation of Stephen King’s The Ten O’Clock People. Justin Long has also been in the running for the leading role, but now finally a name has been confirmed, and that will be Jay Baruchel (This Is The End).

Baruchel has not only signed on the star in the film, but he will also produce, and shooting is expected to begin in June. Tom Holland (Child’s Play, Fright Night) is both writing and directing The Ten O’Clock People.

Pascal Borno and Scott Karol’s Conquistador Entertainment will be selling the project at the Berlin’s EFM.

The Ten O’Clock People first appeared in King’s 1993 horror collection Nightmares and Dreamscapes. Holland has been developing the project for a while and it almost came together several years ago with Justin Long and Rachel Nichols.


The story tells of a smoker (Baruchel) who returns to his old habit with a cessation drug still in his system, triggering a side effect that reveals a frightening reality in which many people in authority are monsters.

(Source: THR)



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