MAD IN ITALY and Italian Horror Documentary HANGING SHADOWS To Release on 18th February in US


A new italian independent horror movie has landed US distribution with Elite Entertainment.

MAD IN ITALY is a truly disturbing psychological film based on dramatic true events about one girl’s ordeal to stay alive at the hands of a young maniac.

Screened for the first time at Fantafestival, Mad in Italy represents Paolo Fazzini’s first feature film as a director, following his documentary Hanging Shadows  – Perspectives on Italian horror cinema.

The movie features a haunting original score by composer Mario Salvucci (Jessika Rabid by M. Reel, Silent Night Zombie Night by S. Cain, Sand sharks by M. Atkins, Rise of the dinosaurs by A. Fanhauser) and amazing cinematography by one of the most talented Italian directors of photography Mirco Sgarzi (House of Flesh Mannequins by D. Cristopharo, Orgy of Blood by C. Creepersin, Zombie massacre by Boni-Ristori).

Elite Entertainment also release on dvd a new brand version of  Fazzini’s documentary HANGING SHADOWS. The film presents an informative historical overview of the “Giallo” genre, exploring its genesis and chronicling the films, directors, and personalities that made up its golden age.

Featuring interviews with Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava (director and son of  Mario Bava), Antonella Fulci (daughter of director Lucio Fulci), Franco Ferrini (co-writer of Sergio Leone’s Once upon a time in America and numerous Argento films), Ruggero Deodato (Cannibal Holocaust), Giannetto De Rossi (make-up artist on Fulci’s films), Michele Soavi, Sergio Stivaletti and many others. It’s finally possible to discover all the secrets of Italian horror cinema narrated by the italian masters of horror themselves.

 Mad in Italy and Hanging Shadows will available on February 18th 2014 with a lot of extra features.


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