Open Your Mind To New Nightmares with Horror Channel Night Terror App


Horror Channel is furthering its devotion to the dark side. Not content with reaching people in waking hours, the channel is now invading viewers’ sleep… and planting terrifying dreams with the invention of a new app.

Horror Channel Night Terror mobile app is a twist on traditional sleep applications. It harnesses mobile based sleep monitoring technology to induce a real nightmare when users are most susceptible to suggestion in their dreams.

And from 9pm on Friday 7th March, Horror Channel will be devoted to nightmares, showcasing four terrifying titles including two movies featured on the App: Bob Clark’s Sorority House horror classic Black Christmas, and Lucio Fulci’s infamous ‘Video nasty’ House by the Cemetery. The other titles are Bernard (‘Candyman’) Rose’s creepy fantasy tale Paperhouse and Grave Encounters, the Vicious Brothers supernatural cult shocker.

Presenter Emily Booth will give her insight into each movie and will be tweeting in show throughout the whole evening. Download the App for free from iTunes and enjoy a night in with Emily before heading to bed to let the nightmare begin…

How does it work? Users place the phone next to their pillow and listen to a short but shocking story as they fall asleep. As soon as the phone detects the so-called REM phase, subtle story-related sound effects kick in, like a cracking or grinding sound for example. This influences the subconscious and the nightmare begins.

In the morning, or when the users are awoken by their nightmare, horror fans can check the results – are they a big sissy or master of terror? The individual graph reveals individuals’ chicken level and the results are shared via social media with space for user comments.

With Night Terror, Horror Channel gives dreamers the chance to be directors of their own nightmares. The better their dark side, the better chance of the story taking hold.

Channel presenter and genre expert, Emily Booth, commented: “As a horror aficionado I get a thrill from a scary dream and love dissecting my dark mind’s subconscious. I’m sure I’m not alone! This app is certainly not for the feint hearted or those of a nervous disposition, but perfect for fans in search of a thrill once the lights are out.”

The new app is available for iPhone on the App Store and will soon be available to Android users.

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