[Rec] 3 director and star team up for new 80’s themed horror ‘Damned Friday’



While [Rec] 3 may have been the weakest film in the series, you cannot deny it was a lot of fun, and there is no question that star Leticia Dolera is hot. So when it was announced that Dolera would once again be starring in a film directed by Paco Plaza, I got excited, and then got even more excited when I read the plot.

Penned by Plaza and fully financed, Friday expands on his 2009 B&W mock teaser trailer, which spawned a comicbook, and had fans begging for a feature.

The film is called “Maldito Viernes (Damned Friday)”, and Adrian Guerra is producing. Shot in colour, and in Spanish, this will be Guerra’s first non-English film.

Here’s where it get really interesting, Variety reports about Dolera’s character:

Leticia Dolera, the chainsaw-wielding bride of [REC 3]: Genesis, is a young woman who struggles with her family and boyfriend before becoming a vampire. “Friday” is a “ ‘Black Swan’-style drama applied to the vampire genre with a really strong central female character taking the audience on a gritty, emotional roller coaster,” Guerra said.

Director Paco Plaza also explained a little more about his new film:

“Some years ago I shot a fake trailer for a movie that didn’t exist at that point; it was called ‘Damned Friday’ and was presented at Sitges Film Festival, the Mecca for genre lovers as myself,” Plaza said.

Right after that moment, people began to ask me when I was going to shoot it; so now it’s time to answer that and to bring to life ‘Damned Friday’, the story of a young woman who begins to develop symptoms of becoming a vampire. There is only one problem: As everyone knows, vampires don’t exist, do they?

Plaza added: “I’ve shot a werewolf movie, a bunch of zombie films, but as a horror film fan, I felt I really wanted to shoot a vampire film. “There’s only one thing I can say for sure: there will be blood.”

“Part of the fun of ‘Damned Friday’ is that the story is universal but, like ‘Let the Right One In,’ localized in a specific place in language and characters behavior”, Guerra argued.

Also, everybody’s making English-language movies now. We wanted to differentiate ‘Damned Friday.’”


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