Sorry Alice fans, but ‘Resident Evil 6’ will not be arriving in cinemas this year



Paul W.S Anderson ended 2012’s Resident Evil: Retribution on a right cliff hanger, and hinted at a huge battle to complete the franchise he started in 2002.

In March last year it was confirmed by Sony Screen Gems, who had a minor win with Resident Evil: Retribution at cinemas, that Resident Evil 6 would be arriving in cinemas on September 12th 2014. It was also confirmed that Milla Jovovich was returning as Alice, and that Anderson was coming back to direct, and complete his franchise.

Anderson and Jovovich are still very much on board, and it seems the film is still a priority for Sony Screen Gems, however with Anderson only just completing his natural disaster epic Pompeii this week, meeting that September release date for Resident Evil seems impossible.

Collider interviewed Anderson this week regarding Pompeii, and naturally asked him about Resident Evil 6. Here is what he said:

we’d like to do another Resident Evil movie. Definitely.  But the wheels aren’t quite in motion yet.

Collider learnt that Anderson hasn’t even begun writing the script yet, so it is more likely the sixth film will arrive in 2015. He does have a plan for the finales story, and apparently it involves a lot of death!

Sony Screen Gems President Clint Culpepper did make it clear to Collider recently that Resident Evil 6 is indeed a priority, and that they were waiting for Anderson to move forward.

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