Trailer & images released for UK twister thriller Low


A trailer and images have been released for the critically acclaimed twisted thriller Low. Check them out below.

Directed by UK director Ross Shepard, Low has been hailed for its brilliant storytelling and excellent filmmaking. The cast includes Amy Comper and David Keyes.

The film is due to be released on VOD and Special Edition DVD on 25th March.


Low tells the terrifying story of one woman’s struggle to break free from her dangerous and disturbed captor. A chance encounter between two lost souls spirals into a violent, horrifying game of cat and mouse. Alice, a lonely girl from the city, wanders the countryside harbouring a dark secret. She is taken hostage by Edward, a deeply troubled outsider. Edward becomes infatuated with Alice, determined to show her a secret of his own, and pull her further into the horrifying nightmare he is trying to create. Desperate to escape, Alice fights with everything she can to free herself from Edward’s oppressive grasp. As the two of them embark on their harrowing journey together, they discover shocking truths and hidden secrets. Together, they become entwined in a twisted form of therapy, one in which innocent people will die.





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