World War Z director Marc Forster heads to Mars for new sci-fi thriller ‘Red Rising’



You certainly cannot question director Marc Forster’s bravery when it comes to taking on genres. So far he has dabbled with horror (World War Z), bit action films (Quantum of Solace), heavy drama (Monster’s Ball, The Kite Runner), psycho thrillers (Stay), romance (Finding Neverland) and comedy (Stranger Than Fiction). Now Forster is set to add sci-fi to that list.

Forster has bravely signed on to direct a film based on the recently released novel by Pierce Brown. Titled Red Rising, the book is the first of a proposed trilogy, but here is the problem: the story is set on Mars, and to this day, only one director has managed to make a worthy Mars film. That director would be Paul Verhoeven and his awesome Total Recall, but just maybe a director like Forster could buck the trend of films like Red Panet, Mission to Mars, Ghosts of Mars and John Carter.

After falling out with Paramount over World War Z, it is guranteed that Paramount will not be backing Forster for this film, but the word is that not one, but two studios want in on this film.

Joe Roth and Palak Patel, both responsible for Oz the Great and Powerful and the upcoming Maleficent, will be producing the film which is already being compared to The Hunger Games and Ender’s Game.

Here’s the plot crunch from the book:

The tale takes place on desolate Mars, where the protagonist is caught in a class system that thrives on oppression and secrecy. He is a Red, the lowest member of society, born to toil in the bowels of the planet in service to the sovereign Golds. When Darrow suffers a devastating loss and betrayal he becomes a revolutionary, out to bring about social justice. Questions of fate, duality, and loyalty, evolve in a cruel test of war between the sons and daughters of the ruling elite.

(Source: Deadline)



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