Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones will face ‘The Reaper’



Could you wish for a better pairing of tough guy actors? The awesome Danny Trejo and Vinnie Jones are teaming up for a new horror film called The Reaper!

Trejo is beloved in the horror genre, and fans will know him from so many classics like From Dusk Till Dawn, Machete and The Devil’s Rejects and hundreds of other enjoyable, but maybe not so great B-movies. Jones has shown his flare in horror with films like The Midnight Meat Train and Schism, and with plenty of violent action films in his resume, these two will surely deliver a lot of fun together on screen.

The Reaper will be directed by Philip Shih, and has been written by Frederick Cipoletti. Also appearing in the film will be Gabriel Jarret (“Pawn”), Jake Busey (Frighteners), William Shockley (Robocop) and Shayla Beesley (Perkins’ 14).


When a young and attractive hitchhiker stumbles into a mysterious town with a dangerous serial killer on the loose, she is forced to team up with a group of intimidating drifters and criminals (Danny Trejo, Vinnie Jones) in order to survive and defeat the “Reaper”.

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