Fox announce release dates for Wolverine 2, Fantastic 4 sequel, plus untitled Marvel film



20th Century Fox have announced some very exciting release dates, some of which don’t even have official titles yet, so let the speculation commence!

The Wolverine 2 will claw his way into cinemas on March 3rd 2017.

The Fantastic Four reboot is currently still casting, but has a planned release date of June 18th 2015, but Fox are already planning the sequel, and have set a date of July 14th 2017 for the sequel.

Taken 3, which will see Liam Neeson return as Bryan ‘Particular Set of Skills’ Mills will hunt down cinemas on January 9th 2015.

Matthew Vaughn’s The Secret Service has now moved to October 24th 2014.

Frankenstein starring Daniel Radcliffe will now be released on 2nd October 2015.

Now, here’s where the speculation comes in to play, as the next two films are without an official title.

Fox will release an as yet un-titled Ridley Scott film on 4th March 2016. It is two years off, and with Exodus currently in post-production, this gives Scott a fair amount of time to make a big film. Naturally the thinking is that this could be Prometheus 2.

The other mystery film is an un-titled Marvel film which is scheduled to be released on July 13th 2018. Fox own the rights to both X-Men and Fantastic Four, and with this coming a year after the proposed Fantastic Four sequel, there is speculation that this could be a Fantastic Four spin-off, or a re-visit of Deadpool or even a Silver Surfer stand-alone movie. With X-Men: Apocalypse due in cinemas two years before this, it could be another X-Men movie or spin-off from that.

Simon Kinberg was hired by Fox late last year in a sort of Joss Whedon role, and he was to write, produce and bring all of Fox’s Marvel projects together in a Disney/Marvel type universe. So the speculation is that this un-titled film could be a crossover film of Fantastic Four and X-Men, which would naturally be the main goal eventually.

Whatever this mystery film is, we will keep you updated.


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