Michael Bay produced found footage sci-fi ‘Welcome To Yesterday’ gets name change and release date shuffle



The Michael Bay produced found footage sci-fi thriller, Welcome to Yesterday, went through a name change last year. The film was originally called Almanac, but was then changed to Welcome to Yesterday to correspond with the films time travel theme.

Welcome to Yesterday was slated for a February 20th release in US cinemas, but that was changed last month to sometime this Summer, and now the film has been pushed back further, and undergone yet another title change.

Now titled Project Almanac, the film is now set to arrive in US cinemas January 30th 2015! Things have been relatively quiet about this film, but now MTV have come onboard to help market the film to its target audience, late teens. Test screenings have shown that elder teens have responded very positively to the film, and the plan is to give it  real marketing push, and MTV will be the driving force of getting the message out there about Project Almanac.

It is also wroth noting that even though the film is the directorial debut of Dean Israelite, responses have been so positive the director was shortlisted to helm Marvel’s upcoming Dr Strange!

Below you will find a reminder of the films first trailer which was released last December, but please remember the release date advertised on the trailer has now changed.

The film is the directorial debut of Dean Israelite, and has been written by Jason Pagan and Andrew Stark. Amy Landecker, Sofia Black-D’Elia, Ginny Gardner, Jonny Weston, Sir Maejor, Patrick Johnson, Gary Grubbs, Allen Evangelista, Anthony Reynolds, and Alexandra Bartee all star.


A group of friends discover classified military technical plans which they put together to build a device for jumping through time.


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