Mike Flanagan’s creepy ‘Oculus’ unleashes full length trailer, new poster and images. Be afraid!



If there’s one horror film that genre fans should be looking forward to this year, then Mike Flanagan’s Oculus should be it. The director behind the superb Absentia has crafted a horror film that has been winning praise from everyone who has seen it, and is an absolute must-see for fans of chilling, ultra creepy horror.

The full length trailer landed tonight, and it is extremely effective, and with it comes a brand new poster and a new collection of images. Check out all the good stuff below.

Oculus arrives in US cinemas on April 11th.

Written and directed by Mike Flanagan (Absentia), Oculus stars Karen Gillan, Katee Sackhoff, James Lafferty and Rory Cochrane.


Ten years ago, tragedy struck the Russell family, leaving the lives of teenage siblings Tim and Kaylie forever changed when Tim was convicted of the brutal murder of their parents. Now in his 20s, Tim is newly released from protective custody and only wants to move on with his life; but Kaylie, still haunted by that fateful night, is convinced her parents’ deaths were caused by something else altogether: a malevolent supernatural force­­ unleashed through the Lasser Glass, an antique mirror in their childhood home. Determined to prove Tim’s innocence, Kaylie tracks down the mirror, only to learn similar deaths have befallen previous owners over the past century. With the mysterious entity now back in their hands, Tim and Kaylie soon find their hold on reality shattered by terrifying hallucinations, and realize, too late, that their childhood nightmare is beginning again…














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