Nicholas Pekearo’s novel “The Wolfman” to be adapted into a feature film

wolfman cropped

It has been announced that Macmillan Entertainment and Everest Entertainment Group are developing a feature film from the 2008 novel “The Wolfman”, written by Nicholas Pekearo.

Deadline reports that the development would have been a dream come true for Pekearo, an auxiliary policeman for the NYPD , who died seven years ago after being shot six times by a crazed gunman who also killed Pekearo’s partner in Greenwich Village. Pekearo was a crime and comic book buff who was just getting his footing as a novelist.

The novel is “about a lost soul who happens to be a werewolf who struggles with his affliction until he decides to focus on the bad guys who deserve it, including a serial killer preying on young girls.”

The book was published posthumously in 2009.

More on this as it comes.


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