Pablo Larraín in talks to direct Scarface reboot; lead role will be Mexican


Universal Pictures has announced today that they may be one step closer to securing a director for its proposed reboot of Scarface.


Back in August 2013, David Yates had previously been in talks to take the helm, and according to The Wrap, Chilean director Pablo Larraín is now in talks to direct the gangster flick. Larraín has previously directed the 2012 Chilean film No with Gael Garcia Bernal, along with 2010 drama Post Mortem, both pretty low brow so Scarface would definitely be a step up for the Chilean.

The last we heard was a rumour back in December 2012 that the new Tony Montana would be Mexican, and that the film would take place among the Mexican drug cartels and would be updated to a modern day setting. And today’s announcement confirms that the lead character will be of Mexican origin, and will take place in modern day Los Angeles. The film will follow a Mexican immigrant’s rise in the criminal underworld as he strives for the American Dream.

Apparently, producers have said they are open to either casting a well known actor or a complete unknown in the lead role. they have stipulated that they are looking for an authentic Latino who is bilingual and bicultural.


The script will be written by Donnie Brosco scriptwriter Paul Attanasio.

Watch this space for more…..

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