SXSW: Leigh Whannell gives updates on ‘Insidious 3’ and ‘Saw 8’



While attending the current South by Southwest movie and music festival in Austin, Texas, Bloody Disgusting got the chance to speak with Insidious and Saw writer and star, Leigh Whannell.

Although only brief, Whannell gave some juicy details on Insidious 3:

I can say that it’s not dealing with Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson’s characters anymore. We thought it would be best to wipe the slate clean and tell a new story. But Lin Shaye will be back and we will be back. It actually felt a lot like writing the first one because you’re dealing with new characters. You don’t have to follow the throughline of the others, it’s a fresh start. It doesn’t follow the ending of the second one.”

He then went on to destroy all hope that he and James Wan may return to make Saw 8 (this has been circulating wishlists for sometime). Whannell said of Saw 8:

I’ve seen a lot of tweets about it, but I haven’t heard anything more about it. I don’t think they’re about to go into production on it quite yet, Lionsgate would let me know.

Here is what we know of Insidious 3 so far:

Film District, Sony Pictures and Entertainment One have confirmed that Insidious: Chapter 3 will haunt cinemas on April 3rd 2015. This puts the sequel in direct competition with the sci-fi thriller, Passengers, which will star Keanu Reeves and Rachel McAdams.

While no director, or plot have been confirmed for the third Insidious film, it has been announced that Leigh Whannell will return to write. Whannell wrote both the previous films, and also starred in both as Specs, one half of the ghost hunting team of Specs and Tucker (Angus Sampson).

Whannell and Sampson are expected to return as Specs and Tucker, and also Lin Shaye is expected to reprise her role of Elise Rainier.

It is also unclear if Wan will be returning to direct, and the expectancy is that he won’t be. Announcing he is “done with horror” earlier this year, Wan will be hard at work with Fast & Furious 7, and it is doubtful he will be back for a third Insidious film.

Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Prods., which produced both “Insidious” films, is also on board to produce the third installment along with Oren Peli. Steven Schneider, Brian Kavanaugh Jones, Peter Schlessel, Lia Buman and Xavier Marchand are exec producing.

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