The Razzies 2014: After Earth and Movie 43 win big, full list of winners here

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The alternative to the Oscars, The Razzies, looks at awarding not the best films of the year, but the worst. So, for 2013 it would seem that Movie 43 (which I have yet to see, and have no desire to) and After Earth won the most awards for being the biggest piles of crap of the year.

Having not seen Movie 43 I cannot comments, however,  totally justified because it was just awful, M. Night Shyamalan’s After Earth, which was written by Will Smith and starred Smith Senior and Smith Junior, deserved its three awards.

Movie 43 and After Earth won 3 awards each, leaving A Madea Christmas, The Lone Ranger and Tyler Perry’s Temptation to pick up the rest.

Check out the full list of losers below:

Worst Movie 2013:
“Movie 43”

Worst Actor 2013:
Jaden Smith (“After Earth”)

Worst Actress 2013:
Tyler Perry (in drag) (“A Madea Christmas”)

Worst Supporting Actor 2013:
Will Smith “After Earth”

Worst Supporting Actress 2013:
Kim Kardashian “Tyler Perry’s Temptation”

Worst Screen Ensemble 2013:
Jaden Smith & Will Smith “After Earth”

Worst Director 2013:
The 13 People Who Directed “Movie 43”

Worst Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel 2013:
“The Lone Ranger”

Worst Screenplay 2013:
“Movie 43” Written by 19 “Screenwriters”

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