For quite a while now, the only Godzilla films that have been available on Blu-ray outside Japan [and none of the Japanese Blu-rays have English subtitles] are Godzilla aka Gojira, the original 1954 masterpiece, and Destroy All Monsters from 1968. Fortunately, this seems to be about to change,  possibly due to a little movie directed by Gareth Edwards which is out in May. A company called Kraken Releasing, a distribution company focusing on Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy entertainment, has  recently secured a license from Toho to release three classic Godzilla movies in the US on Blu-ray in both English and Japanese versions this summer. Now actually the word ‘classic’ is maybe stretching it because none of the three films, two of which are definately amongst the sillier series entries, rank amongst the Big G’s greatest adventures, but there’s still plenty of campy monster action to be found in Ebirah Horror Of The Deep [aka Godzilla Vs The Sea Monster], Godzilla vs. Hedorah and Godzilla vs. Gigan [a particular guilty pleasure of mine!] , and are reviewed by Yours Truly elsewhere on this website!

Why these particular titles is a mystery, though it’s always been a great shame that the rights to different Godzilla films are owned by different distribution companies, which means that, though I own all the Godzilla films on DVD, they aren’t a set as such and just don’t look too good all together! Hopefully the new Godzilla film will be a hit though and encourage other companies will jump on the bandwagon. You never know, we may even see US [or even better, UK] releases of the uncut version of King Kong Vs Godzilla and The Return Of Godzilla. One can dream, ay?

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