TV: Jim Mickle’s stunning ‘Stake Land’ to be adapted into a TV series



Jim Mickle’s Stake Land is one of the finest vampire films of the last decade, and with films like Mulberry Street and the astonishing We Are What We Are remake, Mickle is fast becoming my favourite horror director. His latest chiller, Cold in July is due for release later this year, and once again see’s him team up with regular co-writer and star, Nick Damici.

Now The Wrap reports that both Mickle and Damici are teaming up once more to develop a TV series based on their superb apocalyptic vampire film, Stake Land. The plan is to set the series seven years after the events of the film, and will see the vampire disease spread, and even infect animals, including bears and dogs. Damici has also requested a budget that will allow for flying vampires!

Originally, Stake Land was to be the beginning of a web series, but now the plan is to turn it into a TV series.

Greg Newman, who produced the original film for MPI/ Dark Sky, will return to produce the TV series. Writer and star Nick Damici had this to say about the proposal:

They all mutated; there’s tons of different vamps,” Damici explained. “I said to Greg, the only thing I’ll need — I’ll write my ass off — the only thing is I’ve got to have enough of a budget to have flying vamps. It spread to animals so we’ve got vamp dogs and a vamp bear.

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