Win Anime BLOOD C: THE LAST DARK on DVD In Our Competition!


Following on from the award winning series, Blood C returns with its movie, The Last Dark, in a film that has monsters, lots of violence, a lust for revenge, great visuals and action to boot!

Blood C: The Last Dark is out to own on DVD and Blu-ray now and courtesy of Manga Entertainment UK, we have a copy on DVD to give away!

For your chance to win BLOOD C: THE LAST DARK on DVD, simply comment below telling us your favourite movie monster and why.

The competition will close at 11.59pm GMT on Thursday 10th April 2014 and one valid comment will be chosen and notified by email.

• This promotion is open to UK residents only.
• Entrants must be aged 15 years or older
• One entry per household
• There is no cash or other alternative to the prize stated and the prize is not transferable and no part or parts of the prize may be substituted for other benefits, items or additions.
• 1 winners will win 1x Blood C: The Last Dark on DVD
• The Editor’s decision is final and binding on the entrants. No correspondence will be entered into.

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  1. King Kong. It might be a tad harsh to call him the monster when he is the one surrounded by all the monsters. I’m talking the 1933 original here by the way. This is one of the first ‘monster’ movies my parents let me watch. I must have been about 5 years old. And since then I’ve loved monster movies AND old B/W horror / sci-fi films.

  2. predaotor-because even though it is frightening it wont attack you unless you are carrying a weapon so at least it gives you a chance against it.the other movie monsters usually kill you when all the odds are in there favour

  3. The Cenobite’s from the Hellraiser franchise because they’re hells torturors – they torture you for all eternity whereas the majority of other movie monsters can only kill you once.

  4. Mechagodzilla – it’s Godzilla and a robot combined……….anything better in the whole world?! Nope – thought not!

  5. John Carpenter’s The Thing – the scariest thing (pardon the pun) is that the monster can take on the form of any creature so anyone or anything around you could be the monster.

  6. Predator, because I still remember being terrified the first time I watched it. Being able to creep up on you and rip you apart – that’s the stuff that nightmares are made of!

  7. Has to be Godzilla. I was addicted to all the Sh?wa & Heisei classics when I was younger…just loved all that laying waste and destruction of entire cities during the fight scenes. 😈

  8. Alien/Aliens they are just horrible and can slither anywhere without being seen untill they drop down and rip your head off from between some pipes somewhere

  9. Predator!!! Brilliant film, Scary monster! Cant fault it, definatly a winner and in my top ten of movie monsters

  10. Godzilla! Nothing more scary than looking out the window of a skyscraper to see a massive green monster staring at you! 😈

  11. Pan’s Labyrinth is an amazing film with an amazing range of monsters, fauns and fairies. I love the Pale Man with his eyes in his hands – how amazingly creepy!

  12. Pennywise the clown scared me to death. I avoid drains in the dark even now. Tim Curry did an amazing job and was truly terrifying

  13. OK the Darleks always used to make me run and hide so be prepared for a bit of a wimp here. My latest scariest monster has to be the Aliens in Alien,(does that even make sense) those things scared me every time but I recently watched The Conjuring and although it wasn’t a monster the ‘thing’ scared me to death almost. I think I watch to many horror movies lol

  14. Cujo because it is scary to think that someone you trust and has been your very best friend can suddenly turn on you.
    I sometimes look at my sister,s Yorkshire terrier, and I think, what if he suddenly decided to pull a cujo?
    Could I take him down?
    Would my sister ever forgive me, if I handed her a bit of long silky fur and a sparkly collar?
    Probably not … but, it would make a great sequel .. Benjy Boy goes Berserk!

  15. Frakenstein’s Monster. A classic story and shows why we shouldn’t meddle with some things.

    I also feel sorry for the monster as he isn’t evil as such, more misunderstood.

  16. Godzilla, it is the classic iconic movie monster. One of the first you see as a youngster and it stomps buildings while looking like a dinosaur what could be better.

  17. dracula is my fave, although to call him a monster seems a bit harsh when he’s just really sexy 🙂 and he’s spawned so many great spin off’s. (Twilight being a noticeable exception of course)

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