Hilarious video shows how the original ‘Predator’ looked, with Van Damme inside!



A hilarious behind the scenes video has been released on-line this week from the Stan Winston School, and what we see if how the original Predator looked, before the magic of special effects changed it.

The guy inside the Predator costume in the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring film was the late Kevin Peter Hall, but before he took the part, an up and coming new action star was hired for the part.

Jean Claude Van Damme was just coming off a couple of uncredited films, and No Retreat, No Surrender, when he was hired to play the role of a vicious alien killer in the jungle. Hoping to square off against a cast of hardmen like Schwarzenegger, Jesse Ventura, Carl Weathers, Bill Duke and Sonny Landham, you can only imagine Van Damme’s anger when he was given his orders: run around in a ridiculous red suit!

The three minute video explains just how angry Van Damme was, and how he quit almost instantly. We can only imagine how hilarious this would have been, and the video gives a good idea of hos this would have turned Van Damme mad, but in all fairness, he went on to make Bloodsport after this and his career was sorted.


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