‘Resident Evil 6’: Li Bingbing returning as Ada Wong?



A little over a year ago it was confirmed that director Paul W.S. Anderson would be returning to his Resident Evil franchise to make the sixth, and most probably final film in the series. It was also said that (naturally) star Milla Jovovich would be returning as Alice.

A release date was announced for September 12th this year, but with Anderson directing the volcano epic Pompeii, Resident Evil 6 was not expected to meet its proposed release date. The last we heard, which was in February, was that Anderson had not even begun working on the script yet, but Sony Screen Gems confirmed to Collider that Resident Evil 6 was indeed a priority.

The film is now expected to arrive sometime in 2015, and has been titled either Resident Evil 6: Rising, or Rising Resident Evil (it is not clear which title the film will be using yet). The film is also expected to see Alice take part in a final battle with the undead in the White House.

Anderson was recently at the Beijing International Film Festival to discuss the future of 3D, and during a Q+A he confirmed that Resident Evil 6 WILL be filmed in 3D. He also revealed that Li Bingbing would be returning as Ada Wong in the sixth film. Here is what Anderson said:

 “I have to go home tomorrow for ‘Rising Resident Evil.’ That’s what I’m going to do. As you know, Bingbing is in the last movie, and she will be there again… After Resident Evil I want to come to China and shoot film again”

(Source: CCTV)

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