TV: Producer Daniel Farrands responds to fan criticism on Friday the 13th TV series


We brought you news yesterday that Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Crystal Lake Entertainment will be producing an hour long dramatic series based upon the characters and settings of Friday The 13th.

After the announcement was made, producer Daniel Farrands, who along with Geoff Garrett brought the series to the surface, has responded to a fan criticism over the alleged “storyline that re-imagines Jason in multiple time periods.”

This is what he said to F13Franchise : “We will be exploring the origins of the Voorhees family, namely Pamela and Jason Voorhees, but doing so in flashbacks to past events that will be running concurrently with present day storylines.

“There is absolutely no time traveling of any kind,” he also confirmed!! Although I’m not sure where that one came from as there is no mention of time travelling in the press release!

Sean S. Cunningham, who helmed the 1980 original, is on board as executive producer and Bill Basso (Terminator) and Jordu Schell (Avatar) will write the script .

“The series is contemporary, focusing on the eclectic characters of Crystal Lake who are forced to confront the return of the killer, as new secrets about his wacky family are revealed.”

Roy Knyrim (Gods and Monsters) of SOTA FX will coordinate the special make-up effects for the series.

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