Cannes: Deals made on horror anthology ‘German Angst’, plus ‘The Last Showing’ and ‘Antibirth’ make deals



More deals on horror films coming out of Cannes today. The horror anthology German Angst has made, oddly enough, deals for German speaking territories, while Robert Englund starring horror The Last Showing, and upcoming US horror Antibirth, which will star Chloe Sevigny, have also made deals.

Per Screen Daily:

French genre specialist Reel Suspects has been racking up sales on its genre slate.

It has sold German horror trilogy German Angst to Alamode Film / Pierrot Le Fou for Germany speaking Europe.

The portmanteau film combines the work of three well-known horror genre directors: Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik), Andreas Marschall (Tears of Kali) and Michal Kosakowski (Zero Killed).

‘It benefits from their large fan base that should help secure it success worldwide,” said Reel Suspects founding chief Matteo Lovadina.

Jorg Buttgereit (Nekromantik, Der Todesking), Andreas Marschall(Tears of Kali, Masks) and Michael Kosakowoski (Zero Killed) are the directors in charge, and the official website has a synopsis on each of the three shorts included in the anthology.

Final Girl by Jorg Buttgereit:

A beautiful young girl wakes up in a Berlin flat one morning. In the bedroom next door, a half-naked middle-aged man lies strapped to the bed. The girl doesn’t want to be the victim anymore.

Alraune by Andreas Marschall:

Alraune follows the nocturnal trip of an urban digital native into the world of a secret fetish society, which promises the best sex ever — through the magic of the Mandragora plant. But the transgressive experience has horrible side effects: he is confronted with a monstrous and deadly manifestation of his own sexual obsessions.

Make A Wish by Michael Kosakowoski:

Make a Wish depicts a powerful »if-only« scenario in which a young deaf-mute couple living in Berlin are attacked by a group of hooligans. However, they are in possession of a mysterious talisman that has already changed the course of history. The victims manage to turn the tables on their assailants by way of wishful thinking and wreak a terrible revenge, albeit paying a heavy price.



The Last Showing:

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (SPHE) has acquired UK rights to The Last Showing from The Philm Company and SC Films.

Written and directed by Phil Hawkins, the thriller centres on a projectionist who traps a young couple inside the cinema and decides to create his own horror film using the CCTV cameras.

It stars horror icon Robert Englund, alongside Game Of Thrones’ Finn Jones, Emily Berrington (24: Live Another Day), former Screen International Star of Tomorrow Malachi Kirby and Keith Allen.

The deal was announced by Richard Benson, SPHE UK marketing director who commented: “The film, packed with tension and deadly twists, stars a true icon of the genre plus a strong cast of rising British talent.”

“Partnering with Sony for The Last Showing is a fantastic result and really highlights the commercial potential of our slate. It’s exactly what we’re trying to do at The Philm Company,” added producer Alexandra Baranska.

Simon Crowe of SC Films International said: “It is great to be working with Sony again. The Last Showing combines the best of up-and-coming British talent and Alex and Phil have done a fantastic job in producing an exciting and tense thriller.”



The Last Showing is written and directed by Phil Hawkins (Being Sold, The Butterfly Tattoo). Robert Englund, Keith Allen, Emily Berrington and Malachi Kirby all star.


When a life-long projectionist (Englund) is made redundant, he looks to exact his vengeance on a generation that no longer requires his skills. He traps a couple inside his multiplex cinema and manipulates them into becoming characters in a horror film being captured by CCTV cameras.





UK sales outfit Kaleidoscope has boarded international rights to US horror Antibirth, set to star Orange is the New Black actress Natasha Lyonne and Chloe Sevigny.

Currently in pre-production, readying for a shoot in August 2014, the film charts the story of a wild-eyed stoner living in a barren desert community who seems to be growing pregnant as rumours of aliens spread.

Executive producer on the horror is Lone Survivor and End of Watch exec Jeff Rice.

The deal was signed by Kaleidoscope’s director of international sales and acquisition Caroline Stern with Traverse Media’s Cole Payne, who is also producing.

Stern commented: “We’re excited to be supporting the work of an excellent director and producer team. The screenplay sets itself out from the crowd and Natasha and Chloe are perfect cast choices to bring it to life.”

Payne added: “Writer and director Danny Perez is a special filmmaker the industry should watch. His vision for the film truly reminds me of Cronenberg’s The Fly.”

(Source: ScreenDaily)

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