Duncan Jones completes filming on ‘Warcraft’


After a very long 123 day shoot in Azeroth, Duncan Jones has finished filming his World of Warcraft movie adaptation, simply titled Warcraft. Jones Tweeted the news yesterday, and you can see his Tweet below.

Amazingly, the film is still a total mystery, and only one image has been released from the set, and very little other information. In today’s info hungry world of movies, this is quite an achievement, and a good result too. It is rare these days for films to come along with little info on them, but right now we know pretty much nothing about Warcraft, except that it is an adaptation of the hugely popular game.

What we do know about the film was learnt last year, and I have re-posted that info for you below.

With shooting complete, the effects heavy film will now begin the task of the gruelling post-production process. Warcraft began production on January 20th, and has been filming for 123 days, or four months.

The cast includes Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Clancy Brown, Robert Kazinsky and Daniel Wu.

Warcraft is expected in cinemas on 11th March 2016.

during a press conference at Blizzcon 2013, director Jones and Oscar winning special effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer (Life of Pi, The Golden Compass) revealed some plot details for the film.

The director commented on his reaction to reading the script for the first time, saying it wouldn’t work because it focused too heavily on the human Alliance. Now, however, “It’s about both sides. It’s going to be red and blue.” The Warcraft adaptation is set to be based on the first contact between humans and Orcs, and will focus on the characters Anduin Lothar and Durotan. Jones made a point of saying that the film would not be siding with humans or Orcs, “It’s about both sides, you can be a hero whatever side you are on,” he said.

“It’s been hard to find an actor who looks like Durotan,” said Jones. “Every time I meet an actor I just try to squish his face.”

Jones confirmed at BlizzCon 2013 that the movie will feature a mixture of live-action footage and CGI, with the orcs created using a mix of motion capture and animation.

Blizzard CEO spoke with Digital Spy, explaining that the movie would be much more than just a simple game adaptation:

“There’s a high level of collaboration, and the good news is that nobody is interested in making a video game movie,” he said.

“Everyone wants to make a truly groundbreaking, badass movie, that has simply gotten its source material from a video game, just like other great sci-fi, fantasy or superhero movies have been inspired by books or comic books.”

He added: “Everything that we’ve experienced and seen so far has been really impressive. We’ve been involved in a lot of the storyboarding and concept art, and what other aspects of the movie are going to look like.”

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