‘Iron Sky’ director back for sequel, plus another sequel and a prequel being planned

iron sky

About a year ago a crowd funding campaign for Iron Sky: The Coming Race, and now Screen Daily have revealed a few more details from the upcoming $10 million sequel to the Nazi sci-fi comedy.

Director of the first film, Timo Vuorensola, will be back to helm the sequel, and some of the original cast will also be returning including Udo Kier, Julia Dietze and Stephanie Paul.

It has also been revealed that a further sequel, and a prequel are being planned.

Last year when the crowd funding campaign was announced, some background to the first film was also revealed, along with hints to what to look forward to in the sequel:

We had no idea what it meant to do an international, English-language, multi-million film back then, but we went for it. Another six years later, Iron Sky was released, distributed worldwide, got a million people to cinema and even more to buy the film on BluRay and even more to grab it from Pirate Bay. A crazy success for an indie dream.

The story of Iron Sky continues, and this time, we want to be dependant on nobody but our fans, friends and followers out there. With Iron Sky, we spent all of our energy in trying to finance the film, forced to be doing bad deals and compromising a lot. We had to tweak the story to meet the needs of the financiers but still fight to keep the integrity of the story intact – had we not fought, we’d probably had Mickey Mouse in Moon Base with Santa Claus – this actually was one real suggestion to make the story “funnier”. We don’t want to end up in these discussions again and we don’t want to spend five years trying to come up with the money.

With Iron Sky 2, we want to go darker, we want to go crazier, we want to be more experimental. We believe it’s going to be the most awesome science fiction film of the decade.

The Iron Sky sequel is due to be shot in Babelsberg studios. A large part of the post-production will be done in Germany. The German co-producer is 27 Films Production. The producers have already received development support from the Finnish Film Foundation and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH (MBB). The aim is to shoot in 2015 and to release in the same year.

Issues with piracy on the first film has lead production to decide to release Iron Sky:The Coming Race day and date all over the world. Filming is expected to begin next year.

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