‘Krampus: The Christmas Devil’ makes it three Krampus horrors announced this year!


Late last year it was announced that Kevin Smith would be following up his Human Centipede style horror, Tusk, with another horror based on the Christmas monster Krampus. Last week it was announced that Trick ‘R’ Treat director Michael Dougherty was also set to begin work on a Krampus themed horror, and today we have learnt that a third Krampus film is on the way from another director, only this one is finished, and also has a planned sequel.

The low budget Krampus: The Christmas Devil is directed by Jason Hull, and as a bonus it stars the King of indie horror, Bill Oberst Jr. ITN Distribution is taking the film to Cannes this month, so there should hopefully be some distribution news soon.

Hull has already set a 2015 release date for the sequel, Krampus: The Devil Returns.

For now though, enjoy the teaser trailer, poster and full synopsis below.

Krampus: The Christmas Devil is written and directed by Jason Hull, and the cast includes Bill Oberst Jr, Jay Dobyns, Paul Ferm, Andrew Ferrick and Darin Foltz.


Jeremy, a local police officer, leads a life of a confusing past, spending his current time searching for his kidnapper as a child. After other children begin missing, Jeremy pieces together the truth and realizes that his childhood kidnapper could be a creature of ancient yuletide lore, Krampus, who is the brother of St. Nick and punisher of children who perform acts of unspeakable evil without repercussion. Can Jeremy kill Krampus and prevent more missing children?





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