So here we go again….there’s going to be another film of The Flintstones, the animated TV series that began in 1960 and centred around Fred Flintstone, Barney Rubble and their wives Wilma and Betty. Closer to being a fully fledged sitcom than a cartoon series, it was the most successful animated series on US TV until The Simpsons. I thought the 1994 live-action version wasn’t bad, though the 2000 sequel was something of a disaster, and neither of the two films recaptured the magic of the series.

Seth McFarlane tried do reboot the series on TV a while back, but now we may be getting a new movie, and one that is animated. Will Ferrell and his favoured director Adam McKay, through their production company, Gary Sanchez Productions, are reportedly the brains behind this. The script will be by Ferrell veteran Chris Henchy.

I persoanally prefer Ferrell in his more child-friendly, family movie-type parts like Elf and Land Of The Lost to his more ‘adult’ ones, I just think they fit him better, so I was kind of hoping this would be live-action. I guess he’ll still do a voice. But would the modern style of animation fit? Would updating certain aspects, such as its perhaps dated portrayal of married life, ruin its charm? What will they do with the ‘gay old time’ lyric that caused a load of politically correct idiots to whinge a few years ago? Questions questions. File this under a little pointless but also a little promising.

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